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From the heart to the hearts, Efi is committed to building a bridge of solidarity and love between Italy in particular between Sicily and Igbedor, a small village of 8000 inhabitants of which 5,000 are children.

A village isolated from the Niger River in the Anambra State in Nigeria and forgotten by local governments, where especially children and pregnant women die due to lack of a hospital, nursing staff and first aid medicines.

Together with the Missionary Sisters of the Emmanuel Family, Efi, acquiring its name and spirit, works hand in hand to achieve some goals:

  • eradicate poverty as much as possible; fight disease and reduce the infant mortality rate;

  • promote the voluntary service of young people and doctors for specialist visits and otherwise impractical operations;

  • improve the health of women especially those in pregnancy;

  • facilitate basic education.


It is interesting to notice from the satellite how all the houses are agglomerated and huddled almost one on the other while all around it seems empty, almost deserted. There is a reason: during the rainy season, May-November, the river level rises until it completely engulfs the area until the houses begin.

We need your help now!

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