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The Association was established in Palermo on May 20, 2010, inspired by Nun Enza and supported by her brother Cesare.

Their commitment and zeal have found solidarity in collaborators and friends who commit themselves with energy, resources and time for the children and women of the village of Igbedor where the mission of nun Enza.

We have no profit-making purposes, not even indirect, and our initiatives and activities are exclusively for the purpose of solidarity with an apolitical nature.

Our aim is to render a service with an ethic of transparency not only in the national territory but also outside the territory, elaborating, promoting, organizing, coordinating projects aimed at the realization of non-partisan humanitarian aid initiatives aimed at everyone promoting the defense of human rights with special attention to children and women.

The spirit and the practice of the association are rooted in respect for the Christian principles that inspired the association itself and are based on full respect for the person, social, cultural and spiritual.

We need your help now!

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