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If you want to go to Africa, especially for a rural area, stop brainwashing on what to bring from our Italy.

Especially if it's the first time you go there, you have to try to leave stripped of everything that normally fills our lives and our brains.

It is necessary to understand that the impact will be enormous, whatever your character and as strong as you are; you will beat your face against a reality that is different, distant, contrasting and sometimes difficult to accept and to understand.


When you're there, you have to stop, sit down to listen to understand what you can do and what you can't do. If you want to leave for Africa, you have to do it without expectations because, from the moment you land, everything will be upset, every pattern will be knocked down. You must be the first to question yourself because you are not bringing any absolute truth.


Know your life and your western reality well but don't consider it as a model because in Africa, space, time, feelings, affections, fears, sharing, yes and no, are lived differently. Only by coming with an open heart and bare hands, you will be able to understand the reality of things, the needs, what is right to bring and what is better to do, where it is better to intervene and what is instead better to leave as it is.

Who knows if we ever go home having learned something good...


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